No matter how far we have advanced in developing vehicles, but one thing that still doesn’t fail to attract is a motorbike. Biking is a craze especially amongst the youth and perhaps this is the reason that we have so many biking events organized every year all across the globe. Whether it is for a noble cause or for a fun-filled time, riding a bike is always full of surprises for the enthusiastic riders.

So, check out a complete calendar of upcoming important biking events around the world to be held in the latter half of 2018 and go get yourself enrolled for the suitable ones!

Beartoorth Beemers Rendezvous – 16th – 19th Aug 2018

To start off with the major biking events to be held in the latter half of 2018, we have the much awaited 20th Annual Beartooth Rendezvous event scheduled to be held between 16th -19th August 2018. Registrations for this particular event are still on but filling soon, so hurry and get yourself registered and pre-order your special 20th Anniversary T-Shirts to grace the event in full mood.

BMF Dambuster Rally – 17th-19th Aug 2018

Participating in the crazy BMF Dambuster Rally will surely be one of the craziest things you could ever do in life. Rest assured to be a part of Live Music, a ride out, a commemorative ale and an exciting visit to the museum by being part of the BMF Dambuster Rally that will take place from 17th – 19th, August 2018 at Thorpe Camp Visitors Centre, Lincolnshire.

Thunder in The Glens – 24th-27th Aug 2018

Third most exciting motorbike event to be held in the coming days of the year 2018 will be the Thunder in The Glens Event. Anticipated to be the biggest Harley-Davidson Event in Scotland, this event will start on 24th, August 2018 and will end on 27th August 2018 with great pomp and show.

Thunder in the Rockies Motorcycle Rally 2018- 31st Aug – 3rd Sep 2018

Go get yourself hooked for a 4 days non-stop extravaganza by registering yourself for the much-awaited Thunder in the Rockies Motorcycle Rally, to be held between 31st, August 2018 and 3rd September 2018.

Texas ABATE 22nd Annual State Rally – 7th – 9th Sep 2018

Up next in our list of exciting motorbike events is none other than the Texas ABATE 22nd Annual State Rally to be held between 7th – 9th, September 2018. There is not just biking but a lot more to be enjoyed in this rally such as Live Music by the famous The Busted Rubber Band on Friday, 7th September 2018 and a live performance by the Texas Heat Band on Saturday, 8th September 2018.

Las Vegas BikeFest – 11th – 14th, October 2018

Another thrilling motorbike event to be held in the last quarter of 2018 is the Las Vegas BikeFest. Scheduled to be held between 11th– 14th, October 2018, this amazing event will be all about big bikes, bright lights, and high speeds. Over 40,000 bikers are expected to be a part of this event on its 18th year of celebration.

INTERMOT Motorcycle Expo – October 2018

Cologne will be visited by a number of bikers from around the world for the upcoming INTERMOT Motorcycle Expo to be held in October 2018. Although the final date for this expo is still not clear, it is one of the biggest platforms for the world’s leading motorbike exhibitors with their latest models.

Lone Star Rally – 2nd – 5th, November 2018

The otherwise lonely Gulf Coast Resort Town in Galveston will spark out as the biker’s paradise during the Lone Star Rally to be held between 2nd – 5th, November 2018. Apart from biking, come to be a part of exploring this beautiful place best known for its glass pyramids, sharks and a huge population of monkeys.

NEC Birmingham– 17th – 25th, Nov 2018

Keep yourself free from 17th – 25th, November 2018 for the upcoming NEC Birmingham Event. Considered, to be the biggest motorcycle show in the UK, this event will offer not just biking but a complete mix of fun and entertainment. Race an Ace, Moto-Cirque, Question of Bikes, Strider Adventure Zone and Youth AX Experience and much more will be the main highlights of this event.

High Seas Rally Cruise – 4th– 11th Dec 2018

Join aboard the much awaited 15th High Seas Motorbike Rally Cruise to witness something unique as well as thrilling. Planned to woo the bikers for a complete week, this particular rally will take you to destinations like Grand Cayman, Key West and Cozumel on a cruise and then bikes will be made available on rest to explore these destinations in the most exciting way.

So, get yourself enrolled on some of these super-exciting motorcycle events of 2018 and create some memorable moments for yourself with your precious possession, which is none other than your bike!

The reality is sad but true. Living the lifestyle of racing motorcycles puts your life on the line each time you race. Imagine the adrenaline rush. This dream, this way of life, is a passion for so many people. If you work hard, any dream can become a reality. My racing dream became exactly that. I excelled at my craft, only because I loved every waking moment. My true love and admiration for racing gave me the opportunity to travel the world. My life was full of success. Not just success on the track. I was truly content with my life.

One night my life turned completely upside down. It was the usual race track. The usual motorcycle race in general. However, I was like a cat who had lost my ninth life during that race. Due to an injury, my racing career ended that night. If you are expecting a sorrowful tale of my life since you are asking the wrong person! This is my story about how one passion can lead to another. My life had not ended the night of the crash. My new life had only just begun. Remember one thing, your life does not have to end just because one dream had to. The imagination is too vast and the world is too big.

My admiration for anything with a motor is what allowed me to find my new passion. I was able to utilize everything I had learned over the years to start my own business. A window tinting business which can be found in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Instead of racing my new craft is tinting windows. My life might have changed the night of my crash. However, my life did not end. My life has been rejuvenated. My winnings from my past races indeed helped as start-up money for the company. The new love of my life is called Milwaukee Window Tint.

There are several different varieties of window tinting that Milwaukee Window Tint can provide. Tinted windows might look awesome on a car, however, they can serve a purpose. A tinted window will aid during driving at night. Tinted glass is less likely to absorb glares that other cars reflect back in the front window. Also, tinted windows are perfect for added UV ray protection. This can be especially nice if you have small children. All this and more, just by visiting my company.


1903 Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a popular brand of motorcycle. It began in 1901 when a boy by the name of William Harley drew blueprints of an engine that could be put into an ordinary bike.
In 1903 the primary Harley Davidson motorcycles were provided to the public when William Harley and his good friend Arthur Davidson produced one as a racing bike. It was purchased by one of their childhood friends, Henry Meyer. During this time, the Harley Davidson manufacturing plant was nothing greater than an unrefined wooden shed.
1905 was a crucial year for Harley Davidson, as they hired their initial full-time employee. Moreover, their motorcycles won a race in Chicago, putting them on the map. Years passed, and during the 1950’s, Harley Davidsons were winning races, on magazine covers with famous personalities, and became a well-known name among racing and motorcycle enthusiasts.
In 1983, the Harley Davidson Owners Group (H.O.G.) was created. It ended up being the biggest motorcycle club in the world to be funded by a manufacturing facility. In a simple 6 years, the club had actually expanded to consist of more than 90,000 members. In 1987, Harley Davidson ended up being on the New York Stock Exchange, and owners anywhere understood just what a smart financial investment they had actually made.

fxsb 1340 low rider

1983 Harley-Davidson FXSB 1340 Low Rider

As time went on, Harley Davidson started designing new motorcycles on a regular basis, winning more races, and selling even more motorbikes than any other supplier. In 2006, Harley Davidson appointed the very first authorized dealer of their motorcycles in China.
Today, Harley Davidson generates a wide array of motorcycles that can be found in all different styles, forms, and colors. Harley Davidson constructs recreational, touring, and racing motorcycles. The most popular Harley Davidson and the one is its top motorcycle is the Electra Glide. This motorcycle comes with added features and supplies the most comfort. It even has an advanced audio system.
While Harley Davidson is most popular for their bikes, they have also fabricated a full line of accessories to enhance their bikes. Some of the readily available devices consist of sidecars, saddlebags, pouches, chrome covers, windshields, seats, mirrors, back-rests.
They also have a full line of Harley Davidson garments including natural leather products, helmets, warming/cooling products, gloves, coats, vests, tee shirts, pants, boots, eyeglasses, not to mention the Harley Davidson racing attire. The apparel and accessory line is available in a large range of sizes for men and women, as well as kids.
If you are in the marketplace to purchase a Harley Davidson, you’ll be able to locate one no matter where you are in the world. Harley Davidson has car dealerships in over 60 countries and employs more than 8,500 individuals.


Yamaha 1955

The growth of Yamaha motorcycles is one that happened by accident. In 1953, the firm was already creating a variety of other products. They were trying to find a way to use pieces of equipment that had actually been manufactured for airplane propellers. Yamaha considered using these materials for sewing machines, automobile components, scooters, all-terrain automobiles, and motorbikes. The decision was made to concentrate on making motorcycles as a result of the need for them in the market.

The initial Yamaha motorcycle, the Yamaha YA-1, was presented in 1954. By 1955, Yamaha was developing 200 high-quality motorcycles every month with a team of 274 individuals. In 1957, the YD-1 was introduced as a racing bike. The bike quickly came to be a preferred motorcycle. It also was showcased in the 1958 US Catalina Grand Prix.
This provided Yamaha the invite to begin marketing its bikes in the US with a California dealer. In 1977, Yamaha set up its US corporation. In 1959, the company offered a converter set to customers that let them use their motorcycles for street riding and motocross racing.

By 1960 Yamaha was producing over 134,000 bikes on a yearly basis. By 1973, Yamaha was marketing more than 1 million motorbikes every year worldwide.



During the 1970’s, they began working on establishing four-stroke designs to compete with other motorcycle manufacturers. The results were much faster bikes that satisfied emission policies and were even more affordable than the two-stroke designs. However, they likewise recognized the potential to continue offering two-stroke designs to customers. Several other suppliers focused just on four strokes; this allowed Yamaha to satisfy the requirements of a specific group of consumers.

In 1974, Yamaha brought to the forefront the YZ250. This design swiftly came to be the largest marketing motocross bike due to the fact that it featured a single horizontal back suspension system. Yamaha constructed a racing track right beside its manufacturing plant, allowing them to continuously observe the top quality and capabilities of their motorcycles.
Yamaha created one of the fastest racing motorcycles in 1985 called the V-Max. This was classified as a muscle mass bike, with power that was not for novices. Nowadays, Yamaha continuously creates a few of the fastest motorcycles on the market both for road riding and for sports racing.

While a few of their models of motorcycles have not sold well, many of them have. It has always been the goal of Yamaha to concentrate on the future of motorcycles while remembering what consumers are wanting. They have had the ability to expand their advancements. This way of doing business has actually paid off for Yamaha. It has permitted the company to reach a big part of the motorcycle industry without compromising its vision.

There is a notion that Erik Buell, the mastermind behind Buell Motorcycles, was birthed on a motorcycle. While that tale is a little bit fabricated, by the age of 12, Erik Buell was on a motorcycle. His extreme passion of the equipment led him to produce a line of supreme motorcycles. I bet he wanted to start his own company, like if I was into a granite countertop installation, and begin an online business like over at

In the late 70s, Erik Buell earned a living while in college by taking a part-time job at a neighborhood motorcycle car dealership. Here, he learned the significant understanding of the operations of motorcycles and quickly advanced from student technician to service supervisor. Also, Buell started competing in motorcycle races at the beginning level. When he finished college, Buell started working as a framework developer for Harley Davidson.

Buell RR1000 85

In 1978, Erik Buell recorded the fastest qualifying time for the Daytona 200 motorcycle race. Soon after, Buell left Harley Davidson to start his own company for making motorcycles. In 1983, he designed and developed the RW750 bike. This motorcycle was particularly constructed to compete in the AMA Solution One road racing. The very first production of the Buell RW750 was launched in the fall of 1984.

The following year, the American Machinists Racing Group revealed that 1985 would be the last year for Solution One racing. This meant that Buell’s type of bike would be removed from all racing venues. If he wanted to proceed in racing, he would have to go back to the motorcycle drawing board and start from square one.

Buell started working on creating a sports bike that could be powered by the Harley-Davidson XR1000 engine. From 1987-1988, more than 45 Buell RR1000 motorcycles were made. Unfortunately, the Harley-Davidson XR1000 engines stopped being produced in 1988, and Buell needed to even further re-engineer his design.

The resulting RR1200 design was presented in 1988. This design utilized the brand-new 1203cc Harley Davidson Advancement engine. In 1989, 65 Buell RR1200 motorcycles were built and made available for sale. Around 1997, Buell presented the Cyclone M2 touring bike. Additionally, he also developed the Thunderstorm engine.

In 1999, the Lighting and Cyclone motorcycles were presented with upgrades and new features. These two motorcycles possessed new body designs, frame, suspension, bigger/comfortable seats, as well as bold different colors. Also in 1999, Buell’s new styles and engineering developments pushed sales from his motorcycles to more than 7,500 in just one year.

Buell has always kept his connection with Harley Davidson on a friendly and professional level. In February 1994, Harley Davidson bought 49% of Erik Buell’s business and the brand new Buell Motorcycle Company was started.

Not long after, Harley Davidson purchased an additional 49%, leaving Buell with a 2% share and a very nice employment contract. Today, the Buell Motorcycle Company is currently a subsidiary of Harley Davidson, Inc.

A motorbike is normally a two-wheeled vehicle run by a small and loud engine. These vehicles are in actual fact a bike with a motor. Nonetheless, they are made up of bigger and stronger components, suggesting that a motorbike is more equipment than a bicycle. If you are thinking about getting a motorcycle, here are some of the different types of motorcycles, so you can choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.

Road Motorcycles – bikes developed for riding on the open roads. With shallow treads, these motorcycles can get up to 100 mph. Furthermore, some can get to 125 mph. These typically aren’t made for racing, but just for getting around. They have license plates, flashers, as well as other accessories required for riding on public roadways.
Cruiser—when you think of cruiser motorcycles, think of those American made ones from 1930-1960, constructed for long distance riding and comfort. Harley Davidson is an example of a cruiser motorcycle.


A sports bike

Sports Bike – bikes that are usually weightless and tinier than cruiser motorcycles. These motorbikes are what you would refer to as racing bikes.
Naked Bike – this bike highlights efficiency and functionality designs over the look that is a preferred attribute of the sports and excursion bikes. These motorbikes are also known as road bikes. An example of a naked bike is the Yamaha Seca II.
Off-Road Bikes-– motorcycles that are considered off-road are constructed for rougher terrain. They have bigger, deeper-treaded tires, little engine, lengthy suspension traveling, high ground clearance, and no road devices. These are made use of for Motocross and Enduros.


50 Years on the farm with Honda

Farm Bike— a variation of the trial bike, this motorbike was made use of by dairy products farmers in New Zealand throughout the very early 1960s. These are low-pressure motorcycles utilized for very easy transporting.
Derny Bike— a specialized motorcycle utilized in track cycling for blocking air-resistance for bike competitions.
Towing Bike— made by a Swedish firm, this motorbike has a high-torque engine and retracting trailer for pulling cars and light vehicles. There is just one towing bike in the market, the Retriever.
Concept Bike– these bikes were developed to assess the feedback to innovative styles, brand-new technologies, cost-effectiveness, and other variables. Most are never ever understood, but a couple is released, taking into consideration marketing realities, advertising abilities, public response, and preference, as well as manufacturing capacities.
Motorcycles are the latest and hottest things on the road– and also off the road. These machines are as inspirational as they are hazardous. When you purchase a motorcycle, you need to have respect for the machine; you will need the training to learn the techniques needed in order to operate it. If you treat your motorcycle well, it will treat you well right back.

The marketplace for motorcycles is huge, and there is an increasing number of motorcycles that are specialized and they are marketing much better than ever. The market is making the most of all the new technologies and features that are offered. You frequently hear a whole lot about these most desired and popular motorcycles, because that is exactly what they will be for somebody that is a novice to the world of motorcycling. You do not hear so much concerning motorcycles beginners ought to be riding, till they have the abilities to handle a motorcycle with some muscle to it.

From 1960-1970, a motorcycle was small when it had 50cc to 125cc. A medium motorcycle possessed from 150cc to 200cc. 250cc to 500cc was still considered medium size. Any motorcycle over 600cc was a big motorcycle. Today, motorcycles are available anywhere from 1400cc to 1800cc are labeled as heavy motorcycles.
It is true that the world of motorcycle riders is most skilled and experienced. Thus, it doesn’t offer many options for novice riders when they want to purchase their first motorcycle. Manufacturers of motorcycles are offering bikes with 800cc to beginners.
There was a time that a motorcycle with 800cc was thought of as a bike for an experienced rider. Nowadays, since motorcycles are being made bigger and bigger, 800cc doesn’t seem so huge. For motorcycle dealers to recommend that a beginner buy a bike with more than 600cc is like putting your child in your vehicle and saying, “Go for it.”
Don’t fret; there is a bike available for you to learn safely on up until you are ready for a larger one. Standard and cruiser motorcycles are far better for a new rider compared to a sports motorcycle. Riding a standard or cruiser is a lot more flexible ride. You could drive them on the highway or city streets. You can use this kind of bike to commute to work or take a road trip over the weekend break. The amateur motorcycle rider will find that a standard or a cruiser motorcycle is less complicated when you are going at a reduced speed. Motorcycle_2

Worldwide professionals suggest that for your first motorcycle, a 125cc-250cc is the very best choice. They are generally simpler to handle, cheaper to repair should you have an accident, lighter and easier to balance. In other words, this motorcycle will be less likely to cause a beginner to get into any kind of problem.
You could find sites on the internet to read more about buying a great first motorcycle prior to you head out and get that dream bike. When you develop proper riding methods and safety techniques, you will certainly be ready to trade your old motorcycle for something with a little bit more power and a bit more speed.