No matter how far we have advanced in developing vehicles, but one thing that still doesn’t fail to attract is a motorbike. Biking is a craze especially amongst the youth and perhaps this is the reason that we have so many biking events organized every year all across the globe. Whether it is for a noble cause or for a fun-filled time, riding a bike is always full of surprises for the enthusiastic riders.

Motorcycle race track

So, check out a complete calendar of upcoming important biking events around the world to be held in the latter half of 2018 and go get yourself enrolled for the suitable ones!Continue reading

The reality is sad but true. Living the lifestyle of racing motorcycles puts your life on the line each time you race. Imagine the adrenaline rush. This dream, this way of life, is a passion for so many people. If you work hard, any dream can become a reality. My racing dream became exactly that. I excelled at my craft, only because I loved every waking moment. My true love and admiration for racing gave me the opportunity to travel the world. My life was full of success. Not just success on the track. I was truly content with my life.

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One night my life turned completely upside down. It was the usual race track. The usual motorcycle race in general. However, I was like a cat who had lost my ninth life during that race. Due to an injury, my racing career ended that night. If you are expecting a sorrowful tale of my life since you are asking the wrong person! This is my story about how one passion can lead to another. My life had not ended the night of the crash. My new life had only just begun. Remember one thing, your life does not have to end just because one dream had to. The imagination is too vast and the world is too big.Continue reading

1903 Harley Davidson

1903 Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a popular brand of motorcycle. It began in 1901 when a boy by the name of William Harley drew blueprints of an engine that could be put into an ordinary bike.

In 1903 the primary Harley Davidson motorcycles were provided to the public when William Harley and his good friend Arthur Davidson produced one as a racing bike. It was purchased by one of their childhood friends, Henry Meyer. During this time, the Harley Davidson manufacturing plant was nothing greater than an unrefined wooden shed. 1905 was a crucial year for Harley Davidson, as they hired their initial full-time employee. Moreover, their motorcycles won a race in Chicago, putting them on the map. Years passed, and during the 1950’s, Harley Davidsons were winning races, on magazine covers with famous personalities, and became a well-known name among racing and motorcycle enthusiasts.Continue reading